Integration Showcase


This year, the FOSS4G 2007 exhibition floor will host a brand new event, in which sponsors and exhibitors will collaborate to create a software integration demonstration.

Each exhibitor will demonstrate their own products and projects, but instead of showing off self-contained silos, the software will all interact:

  • One exhibitor will provide data,
  • Another will host the data in an open source database,
  • Another will run a mapping service that reads from the database,
  • Another will show a web interface, that reads from the mapping service,
  • Another will show a desktop application, that edits the information in the database.

A user walking the floor will be able to edit the data at one booth, and see the changes in a web application in another booth. Each exhibitor will display an architecture diagram of the entire showcase, indicating where their application fits in the architecture, and what components it directly interacts with.

Showcase Organization

The coordinator of the integration showcase can be reached at

Components of the showcase are being placed online for exhibitors to build their demonstrations around. System metadata and other important information is coordinated at the OSGeo Wiki.