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W-09: Getting Started with MapServer

This hands-on workshop is intended as an introduction to Web mapping with the University of Minnesota MapServer. The participants will go through the process of setting up a MapServer environment which includes configuring a Web server and creating a MapServer application. The creation of a MapServer application will include step-by-step examples of building a map file, including defining the WEB object, the LAYER objects, and assigning symbology to these objects. Once a map file is created, the participants will then go through the process of creating a web-based interface.

Important MapServer and Web mapping concepts will be discussed throughout the workshop. A significant portion of the workshop will involve accessing data from several different data types and incorporating them into a MapServer map file.

User Level

Beginner User. A little knowledge of HTML helps in understanding how MapServer's HTML templates work.


Jeff McKenna is the maintainer of the MS4W package, a major contributor to MapServer documentation, and is employed by the DM Solutions Group.

Tyler Mitchell is the author of Web Mapping Illustrated, and the Executive Director of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.