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W-08: Developing MapGuide Applications with PHP

MapGuide Open Source includes an extensive client and server side API for developing web mapping applications and geospatial web services. This workshop provides participants with a wealth of knowledge for how to make effective use of MapGuide for developing their own applications.

The topics covered include:

  • MapGuide Programming Fundamentals – Application structure and API overview, creating and customizing a web layout, embedding the viewer in a web page, and adding custom tasks to a web layout.
  • Working with Maps, Layers, and the Viewer API – Shows how to create, use, and modify map and layer objects that represent the runtime state of a user.s map. Use of client-side APIs shows how to manipulate selection, change the view, and digitize geometry.
  • Working with Resources – Overview of the Library and Session repositories, a detailed look at some of the resource document XML schemas, and the key Resource Service APIs for enumerating, reading, and writing resource documents.
  • Manipulating Feature Data – Shows how to use the Feature Service APIs for querying feature data, applying attribute and spatial filters, and commands for updating, deleting, and inserting feature data.
  • Working with Geometry – Examines reading geometry from a feature source, creating and updating geometry, performing spatial operations, and transforming geometry from one coordinate system to another.

During the workshop participants will build a complete MapGuide application through a series of step by step exercises designed to demonstrate various APIs and techniques.

Upon completion of the workshop participants will have a concrete understanding of how to develop applications with MapGuide and all the techniques they need to get starting building their own web mapping applications.

User Level

Developer. A working knowledge of PHP and understanding of GIS concepts are recommended.


Robert Bray has been a developer of web mapping technologies since 1997 primarily working for Autodesk, Inc. on the MapGuide product. He has been developing software professionally since 1991 and is familiar with many web mapping and geo-spatial technologies both open and closed source. Robert is currently the Geospatial Architect and MapGuide Open Source Evangelist at Autodesk, a founding member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and leads the MapGuide Open Source project.