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W-07: Introduction to Geospatial Collaboration using GeoServer

GeoServer is an Open Source server that connects your information to the Geospatial Web. With GeoServer you can publish and edit data using open standards. Your information is made available in a large variety of formats as maps/images or actual geospatial data. GeoServer's transactional capabilities offer robust support for shared editing. GeoServer's focus is ease of use and support for standards, in order to serve as 'glue' for the geospatial web, connecting from legacy databases to many diverse clients.

This workshop will walk through setting up GeoServer for standards based collaboration around geospatial data. The WFS-Transactional specification of the Opeon Geospatial Consortium provides a way for users to not only share data, but to work together to build and maintain geospatial data sets. GeoServer is working to make the WFS-T specification more useable, to truly enable public participation GIS and open source processes of development around geospatial data.

We will highlight the latest work on 'versioning' geospatial data, enabling wiki-like editing to geospatial data. Combined with the validation engine — allowing specific rules that new data must meet in order to be accepted as a transaction — and security, this enables GeoServer to give administrators granular control over the data editing and maintenance environment.

Past GeoServer's data handling capabilities, the workshop will also cover other GeoServer features, such as high performance rasters through WMS and WCS, styling maps with SLD for the WMS, and exposing layers to Google Earth and Google Maps. We will also touch on the relevant clients for GeoServer, and tips on creating a nice web mapping front-end that leverages GeoServer's capabilities.

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Beginner User


Chris Holmes is Managing Director, Strategic Development of The Open Planning Project (TOPP), a non-profit organization based in New York. TOPP's mission is to build technology to enhance the role of the citizen in democratic society, and leads development on the open source GeoServer Project to help create a free, distributed, and open geographic information infrastructure. In a world of dot-coms, TOPP is a dot-org, similar to the Mozilla Foundation, in that it employs top developers to advance the state of open source software. TOPP additionally can perform contract work to serve as expert implementors on GeoServer, re-investing the profits back in to making GeoServer even better.

Chris has served as lead developer of GeoServer, and currently chairs the Project Steering Committee, and he is also on the Project Management Committee of GeoTools, the leading Java GIS toolkit. Chris is additionally a board member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, of which GeoTools is a founding project.

Justin Deoliveira and Andrea Aime developers with The Open Planning Project.