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W-10: A Practical Introduction to Ka-Map

ka-Map is a javascript client and server library for making high performance tiled map applications. It includes a default application interface, kaExplorer, and a number of interesting tools that can be useful in developing a range of applications from simple mashups to more routing to accessing the advanced GIS functions of GRASS.

The workshop will begin with a brief project overview and move quickly into a hands-on format in which participants can expect to learn how to use, and modify, the existing kaExplorer interface and how to use the underlying javascript library to integrate ka-Map directly into other web-based applications or web sites. We will finish up by covering some of the extra tools in ka-Map that extend it beyond the traditional 'mashup' environment.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Intro to ka-Map
    • a quick demo
    • installation (we can probably assume windows/ms4w?)
    • configuration (config.php settings and how they affect ka-Map)
    • map file considerations (grouping, metadata)
  • Exploring kaExplorer
  • Using The ka-Map API
  • Mashups with ka-Map
  • ka-Map extras
    • WFS
    • tooltips
    • GML
    • kaRouting
    • GRASS integration
  • Q&A

User Level

Developers and Advanced Users


Paul Spencer is one of the charter members of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. He's also CTO for DM Solutions Group and chief developer for ka-Map, Chameleon, MS4W/MapLab and participate to OpenEV. http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

With a background as tropical agronomist and humanitarian projects in south America from one side and Web developer from the other, Lorenzo Becchi joined GIS world and ka-Map in 2005. Now he's still developing ka-Map and joined PyWPS project to develop web interfaces. FAO consultant and active member of Italian and international FOSS for Geomatic communities. Member of ominiverdi.org http://www.ominiverdi.org