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L-13: How to Cope with GeoSpatial – The Pragmatic Intro for the Java Developers

Are you new to GeoSpatial? Are you not cool enough to be a Neo-Geographer AJAX empowered meta tagging Ruby wonder kid? Does scientific mumbo-jumbo make your head hurt? Are you (gasp!) just out to get the job done? Come to this work shop and go home happy.

This workshop offers a survey of the Java GIS landscape; if you are new to the GeoSpatial scene it offers an introduction to current concepts and projects, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

We will start with something nice, fun and visual - practicing fetching content from Web Map Servers on the Internet using the GeoTools toolkit. We can talk about what is going on, but the focus is on you and the code you need to get the job done.

Moving on, we will explore what maps are made of, sugar and spice and all things nice? Would you believe they are made of Features (literally things you can draw on a Map), Geometry (what to actually draw) and details like coordinate reference systems, units and projections.

The good news is all this stuff is captured at the Java level as nice normal objects by the GeoTools and Java Topology Suite projects. There are utility classes around so we can avoid going down into crazy scientific detail.

We will work with a couple of common GeoSpatial data formats and show how to make queries and modify information.

On the visualization side of things we will make use of one of the available rendering systems and do so with Style. Well, we can show you how to use a Style Layer Descriptor document and then hack apart the result to see what makes it tick.

Attend this workshop and be well-versed for the Java presentations at this years conference. Attend this workshop and receive one million randomly generated points free of charge. Just show up – it will be fun.

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Jody Garnett has been working as a Java GIS hacker since rocks began to cool. An enthusiastic member of the Java scene: he was the lead architect for the uDig project; is happy to be on the Project Management committee for GeoTools; the Project Steering Committee for GeoServer; and in Web 2.0 fashion is tagged as a OSGeo member. Jody Garnett is an employee of Refractions Research.


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