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L-14: Leveraging PostgreSQL with ESRI's ArcGIS system

This session will introduce attendees to ESRI's support for PostgreSQL as part of a standard solution for enterprise GIS consumers. Workshop attendees will learn the features of an enterprise GIS and how using PostgreSQL will allow users the ability to build highly scalable robust systems. The session will review the capabilities of an enterprise GIS system and give examples of some of the challenges of such a system. The session will then discuss the specific operational implementations of an enterprise GIS on PostgreSQL and provide an overview of how this architecture fits in with ESRI's overall IT standards and open approach to platforms and technologies.

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Derek Law has been with ESRI for a number of years, as a Technical Product Manager in the Product Management team and as a GIS Instructor in the Educational Services Training Group. In his current role Derek works closely with the Geodatabase development team on the development, rollout, and communication of ESRI.s Server technology. Prior to joining ESRI, Derek has worked for the Canadian federal and provincial governments as a remote sensing analyst and as a GIS mapping specialist, respectively. He has an educational background in the physical earth sciences and in remote sensing.