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W-05: MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop

Interoperability is increasingly becoming a focus point for organizations that distribute and share data over the Internet. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) focuses on the development of publicly available geospatial web standards.

MapServer currently supports numerous OGC specifications, allowing users to publish their data services in an interoperable manner. This workshop will review the OGC specfications supported in MapServer as well as provide information on implementation options and issues, as well as what the future holds for OGC support in MapServer

OGC specifications allow for sharing of geospatial data across various software implementations and tools (both open source and proprietary). OGC specifications covered in this workshop include Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD), Geographic Markup Language (GML), Web overage Service (WCS), and Sensor Observation Service (SOS). Printed handouts will be provided to attendees. The examples will show the power and flexibility of OGC specifications through MapServer and other tools (clients, servers).

User Level

Advanced. You must be familiar with basic MapServer concepts to do this workshop. This workshop assumes you are comfortable with writing and working with mapfiles.


Daniel Morissette is President and Software Developer at Mapgears. He has been a member of the MapServer development team since 2000 and a member of the MapServer PSC since its inception. One of Daniel's first contributions to MapServer was the implementation of the OGC WMS specification. Over the years he also contributed more or less directly to the implementation of the other OGC specifications supported by MapServer and has also participated in the development of the Web Map Context specification as an OGC member.

Daniel has been active in OSGeo since its creation and in the field of open source geospatial software development since 1998, not only as a MapServer developer, but also as the lead developer of the MITAB and AVCE00 libraries, and with contributions to several MapTools.org projects.

Jean-François Doyon (aka JF) is an Internet Service Development and Support Specialist for Natural Resources Canada. At NRCan, JF provides technical and architectural leadership in support of the Earth Sciences Sector's (ESS) data dissemination mandate. JF's professional background includes the integration of open source (geospatial and otherwise) at ESS, notably for The Atlas of Canada, and the ongoing work in the development of a Service Oriented Architecture for the dissemination of large data assets. JF also wrote some MapServer documentation and is active in the Mapnik project.