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W-03: Mapbender, Orchestrating the Geodata Concert

This workshop gives an in-depth introduction to the software Mapbender, a managed, web based client framework implementing the SOA paradigm of (publish / register), find, bind, execute for geospatial data. The focus of the workshop lies on building web mapping applications with distributed Spatial Data Infrastructure components and how to manage user access.

An introduction will give an overview of the project history, development team, infrastructure, productive environments and scope of use. During the course the following topics will be covered:

  • create web mapping interfaces;
  • upload remote OGC WMS services (Capabilities caching);
  • combine uploaded WMS services for overlay, editing layer visibility, order, format, caption;
  • edit and extend service meta data (ISO profile) based on Capabilities document for catalog with CS-W interface, connect remote catalogs;
  • upload and configure WFS services to search, find and highlight geo objects;
  • bind transactional WFS with WMS service to enable online digitizing (with cross service snapping functionality);
  • create users, groups and grant access to services and modules (see also below);
  • restrict user access with the OWS security proxy module via trusted servers and encrypted protocols;
  • monitoring, status notification and auto-update service for remote OGC services;
  • interface fine tuning;
  • customize modules; and,
  • add new functionality.

The workshop will run completely on the Mapbender Portal provided by the OSGeo Foundation, no software will be installed during the course all you need is an internet terminal. It is intended to make use of the OSGeo LDAP user database to implement comprehensive single sign on functionality. This will obviously only work for attendees using the OSGeo ASP instance of Mapbender. You can register yourself during the course.

Attendees who want to work with their own copy of the software should either install it on a server that is available via internet during the workshop or on their own notebook. To the experienced geoportal operator the installation is straight forward, all information can be found on the Mapbender web site http://www.mapbender.org.

If you want to install you own copy but are new to either GIS, web technology, mapping, OGC standards or any combination thereof it is recommended to start the installation well in advance to the workshop as it involves a web server, database, PHP, Mapbender internet accessibility. You will get all the help that you need to set up the system and get it to run properly on the http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Mapbender_Mailing_Lists.

User Level

Advanced User. Users should understand basics of service oriented architecture design, OGC WMS, and WFS. JavaScript and CSS know-how are helpful.


Arnulf Christl is founder of the Mapbender project, CEO of the company WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG, member of the OSGeo Board of Directors (since 03/2006) and OGC Principal Member representative of the WhereGroup (since 10/2006) and oftentimes takes on the job of the lowest Troll. Read more http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/About_Arnulf_Christl.