Refractions Research

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Refractions Research is a leading open source geospatial company, providing systems integration consulting, software development, support, and training services to organizations implementing open source systems.

Refractions Research Open source spatial software is a systems implementation power tool, and Refractions Research knows how to use it. We build systems using the best of both open source and commercial software, managing the complete systems lifecycle: requirements gathering, design, implementation, deployment and long-term support.


PostGIS is an open source enterprise spatial database developed by Refractions. Since its initial release in 2001, PostGIS has grown from a small open source project to an important part of the geospatial enterprise, used by companies and governments around the world. PostGIS has been certifed as a standards compliant spatial database by the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Organizations using PostGIS include the Institut Géographique National, GlobeXplorer (DitigalGlobe), the European Union Joint Research Center, and Infoterra.

uDig uDig is an open source desktop application framework developed by Refractions Research. Built on the Eclipse "Rich Client Platform", uDig is a next generation GIS, using internet web services to access remote data, and providing Java developers with an extremely modular platform for custom application development.

Other open source geospatial projects Refractions is involved with include FDO, GEOS, Geotools, and Geoserver.