Open Mapping: Integrating Open Source Geospatial Software and Public Domain Data

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  • Larry White, &

This presentation describes how to create an Open mapping environment utilizing Open Source software and Public Domain data - U.S. TIGER/Line data.

This includes discussions about:
1) Using OS software to obtain TIGER/Line data and import it into PostgreSQL. This will include the initial import as well as additional data massaging - using software such as GDAL/OGR and JTS - required to create point, line and polygon features for road networks, water and landmarks. GDAL/OGR will also be used to import the data into MySQL to demonstrate an alternative open source datastore.

2) Setting up a SOAP-based geocoding service using TIGER/Line data and Perl, including data import and creating a custom Perl module.

3) Building OS FDO - with MySQL and OGR providers - and MapGuide, including additional OS software like Apache, PHP, GDAL and Proj4 - on Linux.

4) Using MapGuide's PHP API to build a custom application for data visualization and to demonstrate features like an address locator that utilizes the SOAP geocoding service; a search feature based on attribute data; adding markup features; and uploading/downloading data in GPX format.

Where possible, benchmarks for build times and storage requirements for building and implementing will be included. As well, full details - including scripts and sample data - will be made available.
(*Note: Some scripts, that served as a reference, are available elsewhere. These external, original sources will also be provided.)

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