uDig Case Studies

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  • Jesse Eichar, Refractions Research

The uDig open source desktop framework has become increasingly popular among customizers and system builders.

uDig uses the Eclipse rich client (RCP) framework to build a modular and pluggable system for thick-client geospatial application development. Eclipse plug-ins are designed to be re-usable in multiple applications, to explicitly declare their dependencies, and provide rich metadata. As an Eclipse RCP application, uDig can be either integrate extension plug-ins, or itself be integrated into another application as a plug-in.

This talk gives a brief introduction to the uDig framework and reviews how several different organizations are using uDig as an application framework. Private sector companies are using it as the basis for specialty geospatial applications. Public sector organizations are using it as a framework to hang advanced analysis off of. Other open source projects are using it to leverage the existing UI with their own data processing core.

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