Demonstration Theatre

The demo theatre will provide an opportunity for projects to show off their latest developments in short presentations throughout the conference. Situated in Sidney Room, near the exhibition hall, the theatre is easy to drop in on for a quick dose of interesting tech talk.

Time Tuesday, September 25 Wednesday, September 26 Thursday, September 27
10:00 Closed for Plenary European marine environmental risk management system
Peter Walker, PML
GeoNetwork Catalogue Service
Jeroen Ticheler, UN FAO
10:10 Quality in Time: Web-based Mobile Auditing
Till Adams, terrestris
Josh Hevenor, DPRA Canada
10:20 OpenStreetMap in 10 Minutes
Nick Black, OpenStreetMap
Talend and OSS ETL
Claude Philipona, Camptocamp
Lunch 12:00 Mapguide Open Source
Bob Bray, Autodesk
FME with Open Source
Dean Hintz, Safe Software
Enterprise Image Management
Belay Beshah, Leica Geosystems
12:10 pgRouting
Daniel Kastl, Orkney
uDig, User Friendly Desktop Internet GIS
Jesse Eichar, Refractions Research
12:20 DM Data Products
Dean Gadoury, DM Solutions Group
JUMP Tools for Large Databases
Kevin Neufield & Emily Gouge, Refractions Research
FME with Open Source
Dale Lutz, Safe Software
12:30 Municipal MapGuide OS Applications
Jason Birch, City of Nanaimo
Geospatial Social Network for Data Sharing
Belay Beshah, Leica Geosystems
Community Tree Mapping with MapGuide OS
Amber Bieg
12:40 FOSS does "Heavyweight" Government Apps
Raj Singh, Open Geospatial Consortium
Salvador Bayarri, IVER
Virtual Terrain Project
Ben Discoe,
12:50 JUMP Road Matcher
Martin Davis, Refractions Research
KML Regionator
Michael Ashbridge, Google
Playstation 3 Tile Cache
Tim Bowden, Lisasoft
14:30 OSSIMPlanet
Mark Lucas,
Mike Adair, DM Solutions Group
Closed for Plenary
14:40 Mapnik
Artem Pavlenko,
DIVERT Project
Michel Ferreira
14:50 Creative Commons Licensing for OWS
Bastian Schäffer, 52° North
CartoWeb 4
Pierre Giraud, Camptocamp