gvSIG: towards 4D GIS

Presentation | Presented

  • Salvador Bayarri, IVER

3D visualization and Animation based on temporal data are compelling tools to display and analyze GIS information. Existing 3D tools like Google Earth and NASA Worldwind provide interactive views of massive data, but are not truly integrated within GIS environments.

The presentation will describe how the extensible gvSIG architecture is used and enhanced to create a new integrated 3D view, as well as animation and temporal data support in both 2D and 3D views.

Some highlights of the technical approach regarding 3D are the use of gvSIG's document extensibility feature, layer compatibility between 2D and 3D views, and multiresolution caching of remote services and local data. In addition, the integration of high-performance 3D rendering, based on the Open Scene Graph project, will be described, emphasizing GIS-oriented improvements like multi-layer terrain. The design of the animation framework, which aims at supporting both view and data-driven changes, will be also described.

The presentation will include a demo of the current prototype and a presentation of the future development roadmap.

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