Processing and dissemination of satellite remote sensing data in an heterogeneous environment.

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  • Paul Hasenohr, European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Within the Joint Research Centre (JRC) there are several hundreds of thousands of low, medium, high and very high resolution images, with time series as far back as 1981 for the low resolution data. A wide variety of file formats, projections and processing levels are used.
Currently every scientific project at JRC using satellite imagery is managing its data from acquisition to archiving without having necessarily the capacities for it and without knowing if data of interest are already available from other projects at JRC.
Therefore, the Community Image Data portal project (CID) has been set up in order to create a central catalogue and to offer a set of facilities to the projects at JRC requesting it. Within one year, we will start to offer a full range of services including data acquisition, cataloguing, storing on central repository, processing and various dissemination services linked to a central authentication service. Based on user credentials and applicable IPRs, data will be available via file based access, WMS, WCS, ECWP and via a webmapping interface. Users will have the possibility to define which data they want to access and organize them in a virtual file structure.
CID relies on open source software for its infrastructure (XenSource, Debian, Apache, Samba, Pound, OpenLDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DotNetNuke...) and most of the processing and dissemination services (GDAL, MapServer, PHP MapScript, p.mapper, GeoNetwork, PostGIS...).
The presentation will describe the overall architecture and the interaction between the different services.

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