Shortest path search in real road networks with pgRouting

Presentation | Presented

  • Anton Patrushev, Orkney, Inc.

This presentation will show the inside and current state of pgRouting
development. It will explain the shortest path search in real road
networks and how the data structure is important for getting better
routing results. Also you will learn about difficulties and limitations
of implementing routing functionality in GIS applications.

pgRouting is an extension of PostgreSQL and PostGIS. A predecessor of
pgRouting - pgDijkstra, written by Sylvain Pasche from Camptocamp, was
extended by Orkney (Japan) and renamed to pgRouting, which now is a part
of the PostLBS project.

pgRouting can perform:

* shortest path search (with 3 different algorithms)

* Traveling Salesperson Problem solution (TSP)

* driving distance geometry calculation

Recently the functionality was extended to provide a support for real
road networks with turn restrictions and traffic lights.

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