ossimPlanet - a collaborative open source virtual Earth

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  • Mark Lucas, RadiantBlue Technologies Inc

OssimPlanet is a cross platorm, open source, virtual Earth. It differs from other implementations in its focus on accuracy, native ingest of a wide range of geospatial formats, and peer to peer communications mechanisms that provide remote collaboration. This OSGeo OSSIM based effort is being showcased on the Large Data Joint Capabilities and Development Technology project being funded by the US Department of Defense in collaboration with a number of other federal agencies. The system is also being demonstrated at SIGGRAPH to link together geographically distributed video walls across the country allowing distributed collaboration within a virtual Earth environment.

A few of the capabilities that will be presented are:
- Advanced photogrammetric and geospatial processing capabilities
- Drag and drop of native geospatial file formats
- Distributed navigation and collaboration
- Advanced OpenSceneGraph visualization
- Advanced OSSIM geospatial processing
- OGC, WorldWind, KML/KMZ support
- Elevation with geoids and DTED or SRTM
- Open source, cross platform
- Live data connections
- Planned integration with other open source packages

This presentation will provide an overview and demonstration of ossimPlanet as well as a roadmap of its planned development over the next couple of years.

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