Mapping with AJAX and SVG

Presentation | Presented

  • Dirk Frigne, DFC Software Engineering
  • Karel Maesen, K.U.Leuven

We will present MAJAS, a new architecture to make it easy to build web applications with maps and geographic data management capabilities.
MAJAS is a web component technology for building rich Internet applications (RIA) with sophisticated capabilities for the display, analysis and management of geographic information. It is a building block that allows developers to add maps and other geographic data capabilities to their web applications. MAJAS is unique in that it brings many features of a complete desktop Geographic Information System (GIS) to a simple web browser.
MAJAS is developed and distributed as open source by a team of software professionals, specialized in custom made software. They have engaged themselves to organize professional support for the technology.
In the presentation we will explain the history of the project, the current status, who should consider using it and why.
The users for MAJAS are in the first place the public sector and the utility companies. These are currently the most important consumers of geographic information technology. But we think the corporate market, however, has the greatest potential.
In a second part, we will dive into the internal architecture and the strategic vision of the framework. Explain the technology choices and patterns.
Finally we will demonstrate the technology by showing geGIS, a generic GIS electronic services builder, created with the MAJAS technology.

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