3D City Models for Bonn, Berlin and Hamburg based on Open Source Software and Open Standards

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  • Hans Plum, lat/lon GmbH

In the last 2 years 3D city models became more and more popular. Globe-based applications like NASA WorldWind or Google Earth made it really easy for the end-user to explore and navigate virtual worlds. Whereas end-users are interested in impressive imaging, the data providers focus on geodata management and interoperability.
In order to support the various requirements for data exchange, the data management had to be based on CityGML - a specification discussed by the OGC Community. CityGML provides a semantic data model and exchange format for 3D city models. The open source framework deegree was used to build a spatial data infrastructure in the cities of Bonn, Berlin and Hamburg to gain this challenge. It provides OGC services for exchanging the city model via a transactional Web Feature Service based on PostGIS or Oracle and a Web Terrain Service for rendering 3D images. Via exporting CityGML to Google's KML the worldwide end-user community can explore the city models on the virtual globes from the same datasources.

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