Google Earth Powered by MapGuide

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  • Robert Bray, Autodesk, Inc.

Google Earth has generated a tremendous amount of excitement in the geospatial industry due to its easy to use 3D visualization capabilities. This presentation will show you how to bring your live geospatial data into Google Earth using MapGuide Open Source without requiring a line of custom code. The geospatial data can be in any format supported by the Feature Data Objects API including SHP files, image files, and even PostGIS databases. Using the extrusion capabilities of KML you'll also see how to turn your flat 2D data into a dramatic 3D visualization. Going beyond the basics of simple visualization, you'll see how to use the MapGuide Open Source API from PHP to perform geometric analysis and visualize the results in Google Earth.

Google Earth has changed the worlds perception of GIS, come see how to change your user's perception of GIS with Google Earth and MapGuide Open Source.

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