IBM DB2 Express-C: A Free Database for Open Source Spatial and XML Development

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  • David Adler, IBM Corporation

IBM DB2 Express-C and associated DB2 Spatial Extender are free downloads providing an entry-level platform for developing
and deploying spatial applications. DB2 Spatial Extender implements the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Simple Features for SQL specification and
ISO SQL/MM Spatial Standard, providing SQL datatypes and functions which can be exploited by standard SQL queries. A DB2 plug-in
for the GeoTools open source project enables Java application development and related GeoServer and uDig applications. DB2 Express-C
also includes pureXML, a native XML database implementation.

This presentation describes how to make productive use of DB2 Spatial Extender to solve business problems, including the user interface, data loading, SQL interface and integration with open source spatial projects and DB2 Data Warehouse. It will also provide an overview of the pureXML and XQUERY capabilities.

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