Automatic Generation of Web-Based GIS/Database Applications

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  • Toshimi Minoura, Oregon State university
  • Junya Sano, Fuji IT Center

WebGD applications possess the following unique features.

1. Geographical features, such as the locations of road work and habitats of plants and animals, can be entered, searched, updated, and deleted from standard Web browsers.

2. An application can be created without any programming. The look and behavior of the map interface can be customized with configuration files, and Web scripts for data access can be automatically generated from the description of a database schema. Thus, a WebGD application can be created rapidly and at a lower cost.

3. We created the WebGD framework by using only free open-source software. Therefore, the framework is available for anyone for free use.

4. We are now trying to generate configuration files from the database meta data, e.g., data stored in tables geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys.

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