Integrating Open Source Applications to manage spatio-temporal Data in the Field of Environmental Sciences on a National Scale.

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  • Ulrich Leopold, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

An environmental information system has been developed to integrate research
results from different research projects in the environmental sciences and make
them accessible to the public. The core system is based on a geo-spatial data
infrastructure which provides spatio-temporal information to guide and support
stakeholders and decision makers on a national scale in Luxembourg.

Environmental data can be stored, queried, processed as well as visualised
using databases, the geo-spatial data abstraction library, web mapping services
and GIS clients for different user levels. Due to open standards software, such
as the R programming environment, can be integrated with GIS, such as
GRASS, to build automated tools for environmental prediction and data analysis.

Since the amount and demand of environmental information is growing a meta data
base has been developed to store and provide important additional information,
such as methodologies and uncertainties, on each data set. This meta database
is linked to the spatial data infrastructure to retrieve automatically relevant
database information on each data set. Additional meta data can be provided via
a Web form or imported as an exchangable xml format.

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