Quantum GIS -- Five Years and Counting

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  • Gary Sherman, Micro Resources

Quantum GIS (QGIS) is five years old and still creeping towards version 1.0. Come and discover why we are so slow, what's ahead, and other important things such as the proper way to pronounce "QGIS".

What started as a small PostGIS viewer has grown to become a tool that is increasingly used in business, government, and academia. In this session you'll get a bit of history about QGIS, an introduction to the feature set, and examples of how it's being used around the world.

Some exciting new features are on the horizon, such as the Python bindings that allow you to write both plugins and stand-alone applications using the QGIS libraries. We'll wrap up with a preview of new features and what's next for QGIS, as well as the project's future as a member of the OSGeo desktop applications stack.

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