Using the Atom Publishing Protocol for Web GIS

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  • Charlie Savage, MapBuzz, Inc.

Atom and the Atom Publishing Protocol offer a surprisingly deep and capable technology platform. Its combination of a simple data model, standard data exchange format, easy extensibility and a well-defined REST API makes it well suited for a large range of applications well beyond blogging software. In fact, it general applicability means it could become the lingua franca of Web Services, just as HTML is the lingua franca of the Web.

In this talk, we'll focus on using Atom to create feature servers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach versus traditional solutions? How do REST and GeoRss fit in? Is there anything missing from the Atom standard that is needed for GIS applications? What work has been done by the community? And most importantly, what's been deployed out on the Web and how well is it working?

So if you'd like learn more about Atom and GIS, then come join our discussion!

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