A New Geospatial Enterprise Platform Built on Open Standards and Open Source

Presentation | Presented

  • Mladen Stojic, Leica Geosystems
  • Brad Skelton, Leica Geosystems
  • Belay Beshah, Leica Geosystems

Based on a Java/J2EE architecture a new Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is being presented that solves the various business problems associated with discovering, describing, managing and delivering intelligent geospatial data products to a variety of applications. The new system is designed to intelligently and securely find, describe and disseminate time integrated geospatial data, in a scalable, interoperable, extendable and compatible enterprise platform.

The system is designed for a variety of users within an organization that need to securely manage and deliver geospatial data and on-demand value added information products derived from geospatial source content to users operating on rich-client desktop systems, web clients and mobile clients.

The system consists of data crawlers for finding geospatial data and web services, harvesters for describing geospatial data according to ISO metadata standards and geospatial data catalog. Metadata is persisted in open and proprietary database stores. Server side processing engines create value added information products.

The desktop client application is built using Eclipse RCP. The server application operates with the JBOSS application server. Java based Geotools is used as the GIS toolkit. The GDAL imaging libraries are also used to support a variety of geospatial data formats in the server application.