Managing WMS and WCS multidimensional NetCDF Datasets with Geoserver

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  • Mickael Treguer, IFREMER
  • Martin Desruisseaux, Geomatys

GeoServer 1.5 can display two-dimensional rasters delimited by a bbox parameter. The WMS specification allows for time and elevation parameters, but they are not leveraged in current implementation.
This project is conducted at IFREMER for diffusion of 4-dimensional (x,y,z,t) oceanographic gridded data from a set of NetCDF files through Geoserver. Each NetCDF file contains 3-dimensional (x,y,z) data for an arbitrary amount of parameters (temperature, salinity, etc.) calculated by numerical models. The fourth dimension (t) is obtained though aggregation of many NetCDF files, as specified in a NcML file.

A major part of the work was done as a GeoTools Coverage I/O module with an effort for smooth integration with Java Image I/O. We propose a standard IIOMetadataFormat for the exchange of geographic informations from arbitrary ImageReader, not limited to NetCDF format.

Other parts of the work include modifications to GeoServer and to MapBuilder client. The later include a widget for adjusting the range of values to be used for the colour palette.

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