A full Web 3D GIS, using PostGIS and X3D output

Presentation | Presented

  • Olivier Courtin, Camptocamp France SAS
  • David Jonglez, Camptocamp France SAS

This presentation shows how PostGis could be improved to deal with 3D Gis data, in order to provide full 3D GIS world in Web context. This work is related to R&D collaboration between TPLM3D and Camptocamp companies.

We could split the presentation in three parts:

1) 3D data input:
PostGIS 3D data input is related on Collada specification. COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity) is a specification for establishing an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications. Such an input could therefore provide interoperable (3DSMax, Blender, Maya...) data input. A script is dedicated to translate Collada to PostGIS 3D SFS/SQL.

2) 3D data storage:
PostGIS 3D storage is related on TIN (Triangular Irregular Network) and POLYHEDRON geometries from SFS (Simple Feature for SQL) 2.0. Such a storage results from an improvement to PostGIS 1.3.x, in order to be able to deal with this new kind of geometries.

3) 3D data treatment and output
3D rendering has therefore anextension of PostGIS functions to render X3D stream. X3D stream can then be displayed on a Web Browser with the related X3D plugin.

Some specific problems have also been taken into consideration like 3D textures, performance improvements and 3D data generalization.

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