Yukon Planning Atlas - Decision Support tools for regional land use planning.

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  • Jeff Hamm, Yukon Land Use Planning Council

Yukon Land Use Planning Council is an independant organization mandated under First Nation Land Claim agreements to establish regional land use plans with Yukon Territorial and First Nation Governments. Cultural, ecological and economic resources are catalogued and analysed to aid Regional Planning Commissions in making recommendations on Land Use Plans to government. The Yukon Planning Atlas is an application that allows web users to explore the data collection, access related non-spatial thematic content, to conduct simple map overlay and raster summary operations and to integrate their own data with the Atlas. The Mapserver/Chameleon application has contributed new functionality to the Open Source community for feature buffering, raster summary (using GDAL and GEOS),data uploading and tiered access to widgets/map layers.
This presentation will review the project definition and functional requirements for the Atlas, and demonstrate how the Atlas is being used to support current Yukon land use plan implemetation and cumulative effects monitoring.

Funding for the project was provided by GeoConnections and Yukon Land Use Planning Council. The Yukon Planning Atlas may be viewed at http://atlas.planyukon.ca

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