Cartoweb4, a easy to use and extensible web GIS application built on top of OpenLayers.

Presentation | Presented

  • Pierre Giraud, Camptocamp France SAS
  • Sylvain Pasche, Camptocamp SA

This presentation describes the main ideas behind the new project CartoWeb4.

OpenLayers has become a very interesting client-side Javascript API to build web pages with dynamic maps inside.
Every week, applications are developed on top of OpenLayers and each offers one or more great functionalities. The aim of CartoWeb4 is to collect the most used web-SIG features into a unique box and to give to OpenLayers the server part it lacks.

CW4 is intended to be easy to use either as a standalone application or included in an already existing website.

As a standalone application, CartoWeb4 offers a way to simply configure some parameters to quickly have a working web-GIS. But CartoWeb4 can also be simply included in an already existing website such as CMS or Informtaion System oriented applications.

CW4 proposes a highly extensible design.Developers are given a large number of tools to code their own functionalities or services, including a complete Javascript API and a well-described communication dialog language between browser and CartoWeb4 services.

All CartoWeb4 modules have a client and a server part and are built following a common design.. They have to be thought as libraries that can be used separately.

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