TMap : a SVG generator for animated maps

Presentation | Presented

  • Laurent Pierre, Electricité De France R&D

We present TMap, a web based application dedicated to animated thematic maps creation. In order to create an animation, the user have to upload his own personal data to the system and tag the attributes which have to be regarded as spatial, temporal or value. With these data in his own private space, the user is now able to project them on maps belonging to the common map library and then construct movies i.e. sets of elementary animations sharing a common time slice. These animations are composed of SVG, javascript and HTML files and are 'playable' on a SVG enabled browser.
In the presentation, we descript the architecture of the application and present demos of map definitions and executions. By this presentation, we expect the community to be intersted in TMap in order to release it as a open source software.

Supporting Files