OpenOceanMap - Deploying cross-platform geospatial desktop applications for decision support utilizing Python, QGIS and QT

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  • Aaron Racicot, Ecotrust

Deploying spatially explicit field data collection and decision support tools (DST) has often led to the development of complicated plugins for desktop GIS systems. Key issues with traditional proprietary approaches to field based DST's include functionality being embedded in complicated GIS tools that cause confusion to new users, difficulty embedding custom algorithms and tools, single platform nature of many of the tools, solutions based on proprietary systems tend to be closed by nature, and selection of programming languages and conventions can lead to confusion. OpenOceanMap breaks down all of these barriers by embedding needed GIS functionality into a custom application (Python bindings to QGIS), relying on a proven cross platform GUI development environment (Python bindings to QT), development is done as GPL software, and all programming is done in a modern and well accepted language (Python). In this talk we will look at the development effort undertaken with OpenOceanMap, how it is being used in real life scenarios, and how this framework can be applied to other issues of DST development and field data collection efforts.

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