Development and Implementation of Cut and Fill Problem in GRASS With 3D Representation

Presentation | Presented

  • Sudarshan Badareddi, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
  • K S Rajan, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

GRASS GIS has 3D rendering module implemented in it. GRASS supports 3D vector geometry, but it does not calculate the 3D topology as yet. The features that are available in most of the current Open source GIS software do not deal with the Cut and Fill problem or the 3D representation of it.

The current developmental work is aimed at the implementation of the Cut and Fill problem within the framework of GRASS and its OGSF library, with the additional feature of representing the added entity (road, etc) embedded in the 3D representation of the terrain. The idea is also to provide for a sectional view of the added entity/feature with suitable color coding of the before & after views, and histograms of cut & fill volumes to provide for a snapshot for the one using the toolset. The methodology adapted here is that it is implemented using OGRE and is then being suitably adapted and implemented using the OGSF library. In this presentation, the authors will share their experiences in undertaking this effort, especially since this is personally the first exposure to one of them. The goal is to provide this cut & fill tool within GRASS to enhance its use by the construction (infrastructure development) industry fraternity too.