Opening spatial databases for data quality certification

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  • Chris Tagg, 1Spatial

The Geospatial community has battled for many years to break down a silo mentality born from a plethora of proprietary data formats and storage mechanisms.

The introduction of Feature Data Objects (FDO) into the Open source community by Autodesk as part of the release of MapGuide provides the tools to break down these barriers and allow for analysis of spatial data across proprietary systems and databases.

This paper will discuss the importance of spatial data quality and how by embracing Open Source technologies, the ability to assess and transform spatial data to ensure it is fit for purpose is possible, regardless of where the assets are held and the format they are in.

It will discuss specifically the concept of using the FDO open source API for manipulating, defining, and analyzing geospatial information regardless of where it is stored. This allows the creation of a data certification platform that ensures the quality and consistency of spatial data located in either Oracle 9i / 10g Databases or in vector file formats accessed via the FDO interface. This solution is delivered in a J2EE architecture that offers both web access and SOAP enabled interfaces through Oracle 10g Application Server or JBoss.