Constructing an Open Source Powerhouse: Minnesota 3D (Dynamic Mapping, Reporting, and Interface)

Presentation | Presented

  • Jessica Fendos, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Jeff Matson, University of Minnesota

Minnesota 3D (M3D) is an interactive mapping and reporting portal that provides an express pathway to economic, community development, and Census data for the Twin Cities metro area. It has impressed more than 4,000 visitors worldwide since its initial release in late 2006 with its one-hundred-plus mapping layers and its ability to generate dynamic residence to workplace origin-destination maps and community profile reports.

Developed by Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Labor Market Information Office and the University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, M3D is powered solely by an open source bundle integrating University of Minnesota MapServer, Chameleon, and PostGIS technologies.

This presentation will focus on two aspects of the application. 1) Showcase the wide spectrum of data ranging from political to social, demographic, and financial that is integrated into M3D as well as collaborative layers accessed through public geodata and Web Map Services. 2) Demonstrate how a dynamic report/map can be generated by combining Chameleon widgets, mapfile definitions, and Postgres SQL queries.

To conclude, we will discuss our experience using open source geospatial technology and our observations on its strengths and limitations.

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