The Amazon Deforestation Monitoring System: a large environmental geographic database developed on TerraLib and PostgreSQL

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  • Vanildes Ribeiro, FUNCATE
  • Gilberto Ribeiro, INPE

The Brazilian National Space Research Institute and Space Science, Technology and Applications Foundation developed a complete monitoring system, based on Terralib open source technology (, in order to calculate the annual deforestation rates and to map the Brazilian Amazon. TerraLib implements the archiving of geographic vector and raster data, on a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary DBMS, including PostgreSQL. TerraLib supports methods for image and vector data processing and analysis. A client application, named TerraAmazon, was developed using C++ and the free graphic user interface QT (version 3), that could run on LINUX or Windows machines. The data is managed by PostgreSQL version 8.2, running on a LINUX Server. The application manages all data work flow, gathering circa 600 satellite images, preprocessing, segmenting and classifying these images, for further human interpretation and edition, on a concurrent multi-user environment. The database stores approximately 2 million complex polygons and is added annually with 20 gigabytes of full resolution satellite images, using TerraLib pyramidal resolution schema. A Web site is provided for seamless visualization and analysis of full resolution data, using TerraLib PHP extension and TerraLib OGC WMS server.

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