GeoServer and the GeoWeb: KML, GeoRSS, TileCaching and SuperOverlays

Presentation | Presented

  • Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project

GeoServer's goal has always been to make geospatial information as accessible as possible. In our early days that meant providing solid implementations of open standards (WMS, WFS(-T), WCS), but as the more consumer oriented 'GeoWeb' emerges we are additionally implementing new ways to expose geodata. This talk will focus on those advances in GeoServer, starting with our GeoRSS implementation to push existing GIS data out to Yahoo! Maps, Virtual Earth and Google Earth/Maps. Significant work has also been done to implement the WMS-C tiling client recommendation, hatched at last year's FOSS4G. This allows that Google Maps like experience, on Google Maps, Virtual Earth, or pure open source platforms like OpenLayers.

The other highlight will be the KML work, for extremely compelling display on Google Earth A new templating library allows even more complete customization of pop-up output from the underlying geospatial data, as KML and GeoRSS. GeoServer's KML output will also automatically generate legends on demand. There is also a new option to generate a SuperOverlay, one of the most advanced features of Google Earth allowing fast streaming of information when entering new regions. GeoServer's SuperOverlay implementation is completely compatible with the WMS-C recommendation, allowing it to make use of the same cache as other front end implementations for extremely high performance.

Together these features make it extremely simple to expose one's data to the wider GeoWeb, making it available for others to mash-up and remix in new ways.