What's Going On Out There?: Using GeoServer for Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Environmental Data

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  • Tyler Erickson, Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
  • Pete Giencke, The Great Lakes Commission

Ever wanted to chase caribou around the Arctic? Curious about what real glacial water has it it? (Hint: more than what the bottled stuff with the picture of the glacier on front has...)

Although we monitor only a relatively small portion of the earth's surface, datasets used for environmental management tend to be extremely large and can overwhelm modern visualization and analysis software. Efficient ways of exploring environmental data in space and time are needed to analyze and interpret natural variability and environmental change. Due to the often real-time nature of these data, static datasets of a short time interval are often of limited use, since they may quickly become outdated.

GeoServer offers a flexible way of connecting large spatial relational databases with modern visualization tools, and it can filter down the size of these datasets to improve understanding. This presentation will feature examples of using GeoServer in both research and production environments for serving up environmental datasets and will describe integration of GeoServer with other common proprietary and open source tools (spatial relational databases, visualization tools, etc.).

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