Grid Enabling the Satellite Image Data Service (SIDS) at MIMAS using Open Geospatial Consortium Web Services (OWS) and GRASS

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  • Gail Millin, The Satellite Image Data Service - MIMAS

MIMAS is a national data centre and hosts the Satellite Image Data Service (SIDS). The SIDS archive consists of a 25m DEM, ERS 1& 2, ENVISAT, Landsat, Kinematic Global Positioning System (KGPS) survey and SPOT. Five more years continued funding has focused the SIDS attention to new data delivery infrastructures such as OWS, Image Streaming and Grid Enabling the archive. The presentation provides an overview of the development work in progress for the Grid Enabling MIMAS Services (GEMS) II Project. The aim of GEMS II Project is to Grid enable the SIDS data archive which would provide a new high processing power resource to our service users via the National Grid Service (NGS). GEMS II will use the Web Processing Service (WPS) specification as well as the Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) and Web Coverage Service (WCS). One of the initial objectives in the GEMS II Project was to evaluate existing software packages that support various OGC specifications. The second objective was to devise the GEMS II hardware and software architecture. The third objective was to devise a use case scenario which utilises the OWS and Grid technologies for a CPU intensive image processing task. GRASS was selected as it is open source and supports image processing functions such as unsupervised classifications using the i.cluster and i.maxlike programs. WCS for Landsat 4/5, Landsat 7 and the 25m DEM have been produced to provide the data for urban change detection of the UK for the use case scenario. The SIDS experience of working with OWS and the Grid to try and achieve GEMS II will be evaluated.

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