GeoMOOSE - A client framework focusing on local government collaboration.

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  • Brian Fischer, Houston Engineering, Inc.

Web mapping applications are in high demand by local governments needing a solution to access GIS data for internal use and public consumption. For many organizations this is a challenging process because of limited resources and funding. This presentation will introduce you to a client framework called GeoMOOSE ( designed to meet some of these challenges.

GeoMoose was created by the City of St. Paul and enhanced by the OpenMNND Project, a collaborative effort involving agencies in Minnesota and North Dakota funded by an FGDC grant. OpenMNND focused GeoMoose on local government needs and packaged it so can be easily downloaded, configured, and deployed using basic web publishing skills.
GeoMoose is an open source project designed around a services-oriented architecture. GeoMOOSE is client-side code that uses a variety of JavaScript, CSS, XML, and DHTML techniques to interface with other services. The primary target of GeoMOOSE is for integration with the University of Minnesota's MapServer software.

This presentation will provide background on the OpenMNND collaboration and an overview of how GeoMoose and MapServer can be used to easily build low cost web-based GIS applications. Topics of this presentation will include demonstrating examples, downloading the code, installation, configuration with data sources and where to look for community resources.

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