Coordinate System Transformations in Geotools and uDig - Contribution of Google Summer of Code 2006 and 2007

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  • Jan Jezek, Czech Technical University in Prague

GeoTools Referencing module has been becoming one of the most powerful tools focused on coordinate reference system transformations in JAVA GIS world in recent years. Referencing module in conjunction with Coverage module presents a really strong tool for raster operations like re-projecting and transforming.

The aim of this paper is to describe new functionality that has been developed by author during the project Google Summer of Code 2006 and 2007. The usability of these new features will be discussed also with relation to the specific needs of reference coordinate systems that are used in the Czech Republic. Google Summer of Code itself will be also mentioned.

New functionality that was and still is being developed is focused on transformation methods based on interpolation. These procedures are usually applied in cases when transformation between coordinate systems is not some kind of exact mathematical relationship (such as cartographic projection or affine transformation for example).

This topic is closely related to rectification of old maps as well as the transformation of coordinate reference systems for those datums, that have been derived before GPS techniques started to rule and so their transformation into the global systems like WGS 84 is problematic and not as accurate as needed.

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