gvSIG Goes Mobile. gvSIG porting for mobile devices.

Presentation | Presented

  • Miguel Montesinos, PRODEVELOP
  • Javier Carrasco, PRODEVELOP

We are pleased to present the first migration of the gvSIG product (http://www.gvsig.gva.es) to mobile platforms. This first launch is a brand-new open-source GIS client to be used in PDAs, with a good set of capabilities which fills a gap in the FOSS4G panorama, under a GPL license.
We have developed a prototype of gvSIG Mobile from scratch, with support for shapefiles, raster files (ECW, PNG, ...), GPS, WMS client, graphical navigation, queries, measuring tools, project and layer management, as well as a new gvSIG extension for transferring geospatial data from any gvSIG desktop installation (SHP, GML, DWG, DGN, PostGIS, Oracle, ArcIMS, mySQL, WFS, ...) to the PDA, behind a cool GUI.
The development has been made with Java 2 Micro Edition in order to ensure future portability.
The aim is to make a first step towards a final product with much more capabilities: support for mySQL, Oracle, DGN, DWG, WFS, ArcIMS, ECWP, catalogue, differential GPS, GPS navigation, on-site edition, customization, automated geodata synchronization, etc. The final product will run on a wide range of mobile devices: from smartphones, to PDAs, handhelds, laptops, etc. getting the best from each device.

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