FeatureServer: A REST-based Server for Simple Features

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  • Christopher Schmidt, MetaCarta

With the number of tools for creating vector data online growing rapidly over the past year, users have spent more and more of their time creating annotations of existing maps. Unfortunately, managing this user generated data in a web browser can be difficult: the existing tools for storing geographic data on the server are largely based around the WFS-T specification, which is not the most conducive to the browser environment. FeatureServer provides an alternative mechanism for fetching and storing geographic data, using a REST-based interface that is friendly to browsers and other clients alike.

Learn about how FeatureServer works: how to put data in and how to get data out, in a web browser or from other HTTP clients like curl. Learn about what REST means, and what it means to FeatureServer. See a new way to interact with your data, taking Create-Report-Update-Delete to the web.