WMS Performance: Mapserver vs. Geoserver

Presentation | Presented

  • Brock Anderson, Refractions Research
  • Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project

Brock Anderson (Refractions Research) and Justin Deoliveira (The Open Planning Project) jointly conducted a study to analyze performance of two open source Web Map Services (WMSs): Mapserver and Geoserver. The study attempts to understand how fast a WMS can be, and how well each server does to reach that ideal. To that end, a series of performance tests were run on the servers, shedding light on how data and configuration settings affect response time of WMS GetMap requests. Some of the notable tests measure how the following factors affect response time:

* PostGIS vs. shapefile
* Different levels of concurrent requests.
* Large input data sets vs. small data sets.
* Java version and Servlet container (Geoserver only)
* CGI vs. FastCGI (Mapserver only)

Central to the talk will be an analysis and interpretation of the test results, with a secondary focus on performance tuning to help you squeeze maximum performance out of your WMS.

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