GeoServer, past, present and future

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  • Andrea Aime, The Open Planning Project

2007 has seen GeoServer evolve steadily: the community has grown, new directions have been followed, and the result is a new Geoserver, faster, more robust, and with a lot of new abilities to support your GIS serving needs.

This presentation will give you a summary of what has been done, as well as hinting what's cooking in the developers pot. You'll be introduced to a raft of new features, such as OpenLayers previews, on the fly meta tiling, WMS filters, GeoRSS output and general mash up improvements, security subsystem, improved image compression, production grade connection pooling, and a lot more.

You'll see our improved focus on stability and performance, and will be introduced to the tests we do to make sure both our speed and workload endurance increase over time.

Finally we will cover where GeoServer is going next year. There is all kinds of bright ideas: complex features, web coverage service improvements, new clustering options, new configuration and UI sub-systems, and many more.

Come to this presentation and see why GeoServer is the right choice for you

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