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Orkney Orkney, Inc. is an open source business solution provider located in Yokohama, Japan, specializing in GIS and LBS technologies. We provide consult for Japanese companies in integration of open source GIS solutions and develop customized applications for our customers.

Orkney internationalized both GRASS and MapServer to support Asian multibyte fonts. This enables citizens of China, Korea, Japan, and other South Asian countries to use those open source applications in their local languages. Mapserver We offer localized MapServer and GRASS packages together with training services and professional support. Also we provide geodata of Japan for use with Mapserver and GRASS.

Orkney promotes geospatial open source software in Japanese print and online media and helps in supporting the Japanese OSGeo community.

PostLBS Orkney is developer and maintainer of PostLBS, that provides core tools for Location Based Services as open source software based on PostgreSQL and PostGIS. PostLBS includes routing (pgRouting) and address search (pgGeocoding) functionalities, which are similar to those found in proprietary software.