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Autodesk® Autodesk Geospatial Solutions provide an open platform for creating, managing and sharing spatial data across an organization. In 2005, Autodesk released its MapGuide Open Source and FDO data access technology to the open source development community; they are now active projects within OSGeo.

MapGuide Open Source is an advanced server-based platform for authoring and delivering maps and design information over the web; MapGuide Open Source helps organizations get the full value from existing data, while reducing the costs of disseminating spatial information to customers, internal teams, the public, and other enterprise applications.

FDO data access technology is a key part of Autodesk's commitment to open systems. With FDO, Autodesk's geospatial applications are interoperable with multiple spatial data formats, databases and standards. This technology is also included in Autodesk's enterprise geospatial software.

Autodesk, Inc. is the world leader in 2D and 3D design software for the manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment markets. Since its introduction of AutoCAD in 1982, Autodesk has developed the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art digital prototyping solutions to help customers experience their ideas before they are real.

Autodesk is a Sustaining Sponsor of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.