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L-06: Practical Introduction to MapStorer

Everyone who has ever tediously tinkered around with a mapfile consisting of more than three layers each with a couple of classes will understand the need for MapStorer as a simple and easy-to-use graphical tool for configuring MapServer mapfiles.

The workshop will start off with a presentation of MapStorer components (PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL or MySQL) and an outline of the architecture that lies behind the friendly and easy-to-use web-interface. This involves a closer look at the MapStorer data model.

Then key features of MapStorer will be presented. They include

  • creating a working mapfile in less than a minute and without even opening a text editor
  • adding layers to a mapfile from different data sources
  • conveniently creating classes for a layer by selecting classitems from an html-select fed from the layers' data source
  • convenient extent calculation from a layers' data source (e.g. PostGIS, shp-files)
  • integrated preview of mapfiles and layers
  • re-using layers from any mapfile in any other mapfile through a click (combine mapfiles)
  • exporting your mapfile as plain text
  • importing mapfiles into MapStorer (on-going work).

Participants will create and configure their own mapfiles in a MapStorer online-demo using a variety of data sources in a matter of minutes. Created layers can be interchanged between the participants using MapStorer. Advanced MapServer users may bring their own mapfiles and try the brand new import-functionality of MapStorer.

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Arnulf Christl is founder of the Mapbender project, CEO of the company WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG, member of the OSGeo Board of Directors (since 03/2006) and OGC Principal Member representative of the WhereGroup (since 10/2006) and oftentimes takes on the job of the lowest Troll.